Best Prices on Laptops Under 400 Dollars

Some people need a laptop that can work at a fast rate and is efficient in whatever kind of work it is used for, whether the owner uses it in the office or during outdoor events. Dual core laptops have a greater processing speed and are the best for people like this because they meet their standards. In the market, most dual core laptops are expensive. However there are those that are cheap too.

Toshiba, Dell, Acer and Compaq are some of the laptop manufacturing companies that have made cheap but quality dual core laptops. They have made laptops that go for as little as $400 and even less.

From Acer, Acer 116 is a dual core laptop under $400 with a webcam and a RAM of 2 GB. It is simple but it achieves a lot with it’s few features.

For people who like to surf the Internet, a laptop like the Wi-Fi enabled Dell D620 is ideal for them. It has a dual core processor, has a DVD drive, a hard drive of 320 GB and a RAM of 15GB making it able to connect to the internet at fast speeds.

The Acer aspire is a laptop from Acer with a dual core processor. Chatting, creation of documents and sending of mails at the speed of 2.1 GHz is made possible by its Intel Celeron T3500 processor. It has also a DVD drive, RAM capacity of 3 GB with enough hard drive space for storage of 320 GB. Since it is Intel based, its graphics are well integrated. However, an Acer aspire at this low price might have poor graphics hence making operation like gaming uninteresting, but it’s great for other needs.

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