11 Inch Laptops Under 400 Dollars

ASUS-U24A-11.6-Inch-LaptopFinding an 11-inch Laptop for under 400 dollars does not have to be a tricky proposition. There are several online retailers that can offer you the 11 inch laptop that you need at a fair price. Be prepared, however; you may have to wade through their listings to find the best deals. Here are some sites that offer 11-inch laptops forunder 400 dollars:


Tiger Direct has several listings for laptops at or below this price. Among these current listings includes an Asus X200CA-DB01T Notebook PC listed at $329.99. This model features an 11.6 inch touch display and has a Celeron processor. There are other examples from HP at $353.26 and Dell at $309.99. There are also examples that are lower than 11 inches that list at below $300. One caveat is in order however: the TigerDirect website does not appear to be very user-friendly when it comes to shipping information. Although they provide a statement that the product “usually ships within 48 hours”, they do not provide the consumer with any idea on the price of shipping until they register and checkout.


Amazon is another good place to look for 11-inch laptops and other laptops under $400. Some of the current listings include an Asus X202E that is listed at both $399.00 new and $355.51 used. This model also has an Intel Celeron Processor and a Windows 8 operating system. 500 GB of storage is available. Another model offered by Amazon is an Acer Aspire listed at $329.99. This version has 500 GB of storage as well but only comes with a Windows 7 operating system. This could be a plus or a minus depending on whether you prefer the 7 or 8. For this author this would be a plus.


Finally, if you do not mind secondhand you can find many 11-inch laptops for under $400, $300, and even $200 on eBay. One caveat is that these are being sold from private sellers, so make sure to check their feedback well if you go this route. I always like to check any negative feedback first.

Best Prices on Laptops Under 400 Dollars

Some people need a laptop that can work at a fast rate and is efficient in whatever kind of work it is used for, whether the owner uses it in the office or during outdoor events. Dual core laptops have a greater processing speed and are the best for people like this because they meet their standards. In the market, most dual core laptops are expensive. However there are those that are cheap too.

Toshiba, Dell, Acer and Compaq are some of the laptop manufacturing companies that have made cheap but quality dual core laptops. They have made laptops that go for as little as $400 and even less.

From Acer, Acer 116 is a dual core laptop under $400 with a webcam and a RAM of 2 GB. It is simple but it achieves a lot with it’s few features.

For people who like to surf the Internet, a laptop like the Wi-Fi enabled Dell D620 is ideal for them. It has a dual core processor, has a DVD drive, a hard drive of 320 GB and a RAM of 15GB making it able to connect to the internet at fast speeds.

The Acer aspire is a laptop from Acer with a dual core processor. Chatting, creation of documents and sending of mails at the speed of 2.1 GHz is made possible by its Intel Celeron T3500 processor. It has also a DVD drive, RAM capacity of 3 GB with enough hard drive space for storage of 320 GB. Since it is Intel based, its graphics are well integrated. However, an Acer aspire at this low price might have poor graphics hence making operation like gaming uninteresting, but it’s great for other needs.

You might also want to check out popular laptops under 300 dollars on LaptopNinja which also offer some great deals for their price.

AMD Laptops Under 400 Dollars

When searching for a new computer for my wife I had to decide between AMD and Intel. Although the new Intel processors are generally the more favorable option, when looking at a bunch of laptops under $400 I had to also take into consideration a number of laptops with AMD processors that were more powerful for the same price point. I always search for the best bargain for my dollar, and search spec by spec when making my final decision.

To keep things simple I was looking primarily for a video card and the most processing speed I could find. Most laptops will have 2+ GB of ram and 160+ GB hard drive – that or above should be more than sufficient for her needs. The biggest difference that stood out to me is on the AMD side is that most laptops have a dedicated video card with it’s own dedicated memory. On the Intel side, the video card is integrated with the motherboard and shares memory with the RAM your computer has. This makes for less video processing power for games and media and this way the video card isn’t borrowing from the CPU’s power. The video card can be upgraded on most laptops, but the price is extremely high and normally isn’t worth it in the long run in my opinion.

I finally chose an HP 650. It seems to be the perfect blend of everything! It has a dual-core E-300 (1.3 GHz) processor, a 15.6” lcd screen, 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz ram, 320 GB hard drive, DVD+/- RW Supermulti DL drive and a ATI Radeon HD 6310 video card. The price brand new out the door kept my wallet and wife happy! Luckily for me laptops under 400 are a reality, and amd laptops under 400 pack the necessary components and software to make any computer enthusiast happy when getting a gift from a husband that is sticking to a very tight budget! Disclaimer: Parts of this post were written with the help of LaptopNinja’s guide to laptops under $400.

Laptop Under 300 Dollars – Finding the Best Deals

Laptop computers have been expensive for most people earning average salaries. To get a fancy laptop, one has to dig deep into their pockets. The cost issues leave many without these devices. In spite of this, laptop computers are growing in popularity and are becoming part of our daily lives.

The cost issues that have hindered many people from acquiring laptops have made many manufacturers realize that they aren’t making much progress in their industries because they have only been producing expensive laptops. This truth has influenced them to design more affordable laptops under 300 to reach a bigger number of buyers hence increase their returns.

The major laptop manufacturers including; Acer, Sony, Compaq, Toshiba, HP, Samsung and Dell, have come up with laptops under 300 dollars.

Manufacturers have ensured that there are cheap versions of the popular dual core Acer aspire laptops. One would expect them to be expensive since they have a webcam, it is a dual core laptop wit high processing speeds and has 2 GB RAM . All for under for as under 300 dollars!

Dell mini 10 is one of the Dell laptops under 300. It is cheap and allows people to send and receive mail, chat through Facebook and twitter, download and upload documents, all simultaneously because it has an inbuilt Wi-Fi. There is also the dell mini 9 net book which has a RAM capacity of 1GB. However, this memory may not be enough for most internet users and even students.

Most of these laptops come with operating systems already installed and may come with their cases. Caution should be taken when purchasing these laptops to ensure they have the right features that are necessary to meet your requirements and that they are purchased from legit sources with an issued warranty. You can also find great value in many laptops under 400 dollars from leading manufacturers.